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    Maastricht,Unknown ,52,
    Maastricht,Forum 110,52,
    Maastricht,Kleine Gracht 24,52,
    Maastricht,Pierre de Coubertinweg 3,52,
    Maastricht,Kruisherengang 19,52,
    Maastricht,Wilhelminasingel 60,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Jacobstraat 6,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 40,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Maartenslaan 5,52,
    Maastricht,Ruiterij 1,52,
    Maastricht,Helmstraat 14,52,
    Maastricht,Het Bat 12,52,
    Maastricht,Sphinxcour 9A,52,
    Maastricht,Sibemaweg 10,52,
    Maastricht,Endepolsdomein 30,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsplein 1,52,
    Maastricht,Vrijthof 50,52,
    Maastricht,Boschstraat 70,52,
    Maastricht,Boschstraat 71,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 2,52,
    Maastricht,Maasboulevard 101,52,
    Maastricht,Kapoenstraat 32,52,
    Maastricht,Vrijthof 6,52,
    Maastricht,Lage Barakken 10,52,
    Maastricht,Markt 37,52,
    Maastricht,Boschstraat 55,52,
    Maastricht,Alexander Battalaan 45-B,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Bernardusstraat 5,52,
    Maastricht,Weert 9,52,
    Maastricht,Van Hasseltkade 8,52,
    Maastricht,Kleine Gracht 24,52,
    Maastricht,Boschstraat 104,52,
    Maastricht,Bethlehemweg 2,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 17A,52,
    Maastricht,Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 6,52,
    Maastricht,Hoge Weerd 2,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 40,52,
    Maastricht,Maasboulevard 95,52,
    Maastricht,Vrijthof 20,52,
    Maastricht,Hoogbrugstraat 16,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Maartenslaan 11,52,
    Maastricht,Lenculenstraat 18,52,
    Maastricht,Vrijthof 32,52,
    Maastricht,Bredestraat 41,52,
    Maastricht,Nijverheidsweg 35,52,
    Maastricht,Kleine Gracht 34,52,
    Maastricht,Papenstraat 11,52,
    Maastricht,Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 2,52,
    Maastricht,Dousbergweg 90 b,52,
    Maastricht,Ambyerstraat-Zuid 148,52,
    Maastricht,Kleine Looiersstraat 8,52,
    Maastricht,Akersteenweg 218,52,
    Maastricht,Heggenstraat 3A,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 47,52,
    Maastricht,Het Wilhelmus 1,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Maartenslaan 6,52,
    Maastricht,Het Wilhelmus 1,52,
    Maastricht,Grote Gracht 62,52,
    Maastricht,Bourgognestraat 23,52,
    Maastricht,Statenstraat 4,52,
    Maastricht,Cortenstraat 2,52,
    Maastricht,Bodemsweg 3a,52,
    Maastricht,Heugemerweg 4,52,
    Maastricht,Kleine Gracht 4,52,
    Maastricht,Weert 14,52,
    Maastricht,Grote Gracht 56,52,
    Maastricht,Postbaan 8,52,
    Maastricht,Ambyerstraat-Noord 108,52,
    Maastricht,Tafelstraat 28,52,
    Maastricht,Hertogsingel 52,52,
    Maastricht,Keizer Karelplein 13,52,
    Maastricht,Oude Tweebergenpoort 2,52,
    Maastricht,Jac. Thijssedomein 10,52,
    Maastricht,Kasteelstraat 2,52,
    Maastricht,Schutterijweg 1,52,
    Maastricht,Jekerstraat 19,52,
    Maastricht,Von Dopfflaan 10,52,
    Maastricht,Keizer Karelplein 18,52,
    Maastricht,Van Slijpestraat 69,52,
    Maastricht,Heugemerweg 2-D,52,
    Maastricht,Van Akenweg 96-98,52,
    Maastricht,Kesselskade 54C,52,
    Maastricht,Matthias Wijnandsstraat 18,52,
    Maastricht,Oeverwal 11,52,
    Maastricht,Cannerweg 185,52,
    Maastricht,Luikerweg 1,52,
    Maastricht,Kerkstraat 1,52,
    Maastricht,Dorpstraat 128 128,52,
    Maastricht,Minckelersstraat 18,52,
    Maastricht,Tongerseweg 56A,52,
    Maastricht,Pletzersstraat 10A,52,
    Maastricht,Sint Bernardusstraat 14A,52,
    Maastricht,Hoge Weerd 2,52,
    Maastricht,Vrijthof 7,52,
    Maastricht,Hertogsingel 6,52,
    Maastricht,Ambyerstraat-Noord 147A,52,
    Maastricht,Grote Gracht 28b,52,
    Maastricht,Hertogsingel 41A,52,
    Maastricht,Jekerstraat 86,52,
    Maastricht,Cannerweg 140,52,
    Maastricht,Stationsstraat 26,52,
    Maastricht,Het Wilhelmus 1,52,
    Maastricht,Van Akenweg 80,52,
    Maastricht,Wilhelminasingel 87,52,
    Maastricht,Coxstraat 18,52,
    Maastricht,Brusselseweg 488,52,
    Maastricht,Kapoenstraat 27,52,
    Maastricht,Aan de Maas 17,52,
    Maastricht,Van Heylerhofflaan 15,52,
    Maastricht,Alexander Battalaan 73,52,
    Maastricht,Hoge Weerd 20,52,
    Maastricht,Brouwersweg 7,52,
    Maastricht,Maastrichter Smedenstraat 28,52,
    Maastricht,Daalstraat 44,52,
    Maastricht,Burgemeester Cortenstraat 77,52,
    Maastricht,Kattenstraat 11,52,
    Maastricht,Bergweg 15,52,
    Maastricht,Pastoor Habetsstraat 61,52,
    Maastricht,Van Hasseltkade 14D,52,
    Maastricht,Onze Lieve Vrouwewal 6,52,
    Maastricht,Op de Thermen 13,52,

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    If you have a European Insurance Card, most services will be fully covered.

    We also offer our services in: Amsterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem.

    Hoteldoc in Maastricht

    In Maastricht, Hoteldoc provides first-class in room primary care to travelers. High quality health services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a convenient alternative to an emergency room visit with a long wait in uncomfortable surroundings.

    We provide medical care in the comfort and safety of the patient’s hotel room or AirBnB. All consultations are provided exclusively by our own highly respected team of doctors, regardless of time of day or night. A doctor in Maastricht, always close to you.

    In case of more serious conditions, our network of links with Maastrichts leading consultants, pharmacies and hospitals mean that we can swiftly arrange immediate admission if required.

    All of our services are carried out with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

    This is how Hoteldoc works:

    We provide medical care in the comfort and safety of your hotel room or AirBnB.
    We can also help you if you forgot your medication.

    You fill in the form

    We call you

    We make an assessment

    We schedule an appointment

    We help you

    Hoteldoc team in Maastricht

    If you need a doctor, you will be contacted by one of our partner general practitioners or family physicians in Maastricht to schedule an appointment at a clinic or on-site.

    Why choose Hoteldoc?

    24/7 easy access to a doctor

    On-site and longer consultations

    Cheaper than a hospital

    No more waiting rooms

    Hoteldoc Fees in Maastricht

    Our fees are variable based on local regulations, are substantially lower than standard hospital visits, and are covered by most forms of insurance.

    Our doctor will provide a detailed invoice for reimbursement by your travel or health insurance. For questions regarding our rates, please contact us.

    Hotel / Airbnb / Home visit

    (including prescription if necessary)

    from € 132,92

    Medication Renewal

    (no new medication/no controlled drugs)

    from € 33,83

    Payments are made directly after the medical service is provided via our website. This can be done with credit card or other payment methods (an additional fee may be charged) via our website. More information can be found on our FAQ page.

    Need help now?

    Unfortunately, some visitors fall ill during their stay abroad. This can be an unexpected condition that develops suddenly, a pre-existing condition that flares up, or the result of a minor accident or fall.

    Hoteldoc is now serving customers in the Netherlands:

    Hoteldoc is currently serving happy clients in the greater Maastricht area; we are constantly growing to new locations and cities.

    Want to join as doctor? We make it easy for you.


    With our app you can manage your time that you’re avalaible for clients. And you can select requests that are avalaible based on your criteria and location. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can register via the app and for Android or desktop computer users you can go to our registration page and get started as soon as possible.

    Contact Hoteldoc

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